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My Lanard Wish List
Since the only names they have are names I made up, I will post the pictures of ponies I need... my names wouldn't mean a thing in the world to you! I am interested in ANY Lanard Ponies you might have, because I can use extras to trade with.  I can go ahead and tell you, from what I have found with other Lanard Pony collectors (all 3 of them!) they only trade Lanards for Lanards. (Maybe not always) Like I said already, I don't pay much for these, and I won't be able to trade MLP's for them.  These are MY interest, not Jennifer's, so I can't trade OUR Mlp's for them. I can't afford to invest much in them because MOST of our money goes for My Little Ponies.. the real deal! With all of that said, on to the list!

All of the dolls and the two blue ponies. I also just found out that these dolls have names.. see the information page for more info.  There is a set of Ponies called "Perfume Ponies" which I have not seen nor do I have pics of, but hopefully I will soon!
English Rider Jump Playset, as seen on ebay.

Barrel Rider Playset as seen on ebay.