Let's Play Ponies!
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"Let's Play Ponies, Girls!" When I was a little girl, this was a firmiliar statement in my house.  Ask any of my family or close friends, I always carried my ponies EVERYWHERE, and I always tried to get everyone to play ponies with me!
Well, here I am, at 5 years old.  I had the "Chicken Pops" that year for christmas, and I REALLY got rewarded by Santa Claus!  I got more ponies that year than I had altogether at the time.   I am 18 now, and unlike most teenagers, I did NOT sell my little ponies in a yard sale for 50 cents each... I want MORE ponies!  

Here I am with some of my Pony goodies!  My ponies were celebrating Christmas!  See their Christmas tree?  That is one really nice thing about Ponies.. they like to have parties!  Look at the next picture (below) for a larger view, unimpaired by HUMANs (I am absent in the next picture)

I still have all these goodies, AND MORE!  You wouldn't believe how full my room is! (we have moved and I have different rooms!) I actually have a room just for ponies, and I have to tell you, I need a bigger room! To see my ponies in their room now, click here.



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