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Want List
Kim and Jenn's MLP want List

We need many baby accessories, most especially the snail rockers, the gloworm's, the strikers (some call them tom tom's, but they are really mallets) for Xylophones,  The Playpens, the sand boxes and see saws.... From the FT babies, all but Quacker's FT accessories, tons more.  We also need many of the Brushes and combs.. The yellow Frog Brush, and probably more, race car comb's etc. If you have any of the unusual brushes or combs to trade, let us know, we collect these avidly (KIM does) Now, ON to the Ponies, who are followed by playsets and more accessory wants and needs!
To see my (Kim's) FAKIE collection and want list.. Kim's Fakie Lanard Pony's and want list!

The Brown and the Yellow My pretty Pony, (and any other I don't know about!) and the accessories for all of them.
***Minty*** Collector Pony (non ff)
Butterscotch collector pony
Baby Blossom upgrade
Any Y3 rainbow pony Confetti, Tickle upgrade, and tail for trickles, possibly a whole new pony.
So Soft Bouncy(upgrade, or a hair to rehair her) and Skipety Do (am working on this one)
Flutter Ponies Morning Glory (I need a set of wings too, I only have two single wings, both for the same side!)
So Soft Taffy, (upgrade, ours is ok, but not GREAT), Crumpet (Wouldn't mind an upgrade of Twilight) a blue tail for bangles
Twinkle Eye Mimic
Princess Ponies Serena- blue with light pink mane and tail, heart shaped 3d symbol with a jewel in it.
Bushwoolies Purple and the two kinda mean looking ones…
Any of the princesses wands or hats, hair clips and combs
Big Bro. Tex, and all the acc. to all of them :-) except for WigWam (we do need his brush/comb) and the sailor hat for Salty.
Newborn Twins  Nibbles, Rattles and Tattles
TAF Buttons and the non colorchanging TAF Sundance
Y6 princess ponies Pristina, Misty, Moondust and Again, I need combs and clips and wands and Hats for all.
Happy tails, Tall Tails (should be on the way)
Magic Message
Newborn Twins Sticky, Sandcastle and Shovels, Jabber, Peeks. (any accessories!)
Summer Wing Lady Flutter, Buzzer, Sky Dancer
Baby Bro.  Racer (loose, we have a MIB one)
Windy Wing, Sunglider, Whirly, Cool Breeze, Flurry, Starry Wings
SweetHeart Sister ponies  Spring Song and Fancy Flower
Princess Brush and Grow
Dance and Prance Swinger, Tap Dancer (should be on the way)
Loving Family  need a couple of the UK ones (SC and BB, need UK babies)
Baby Ponies and pretty pals Lucky Leaf and Leafy, Pockets and Hoppy. (we need all accessories to these)
Sparkle Ponies Star Hopper
Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies Tip Toes
Drink and Wet Many Accessories for these are needed!
Glittery Sweetheart Sisters
Prom Queen Sweetheart Sisters, all their accessories
Baby Sparkle ponies  
Glow and Show ponies Happy Glow, Dazzle Glow
Pretty Ponies Rosey Love
Baby Ballerina ponies,
Sweet Surprise Ponies Pretty Puff's Key, Secret Star's Key, AND the two rings that were surprises
Princess Ponies ( the ones with the eyebrows!) Need Pink ones accessories
Flower Fantasy ponies  Sweet Kisses, Ruby Lips lipstick, along with lipstick for Lovin Kisses
Color Swirl ponies, Love beam, Starswirl (upgrade)
Paradise baby ponies baby beachball
Teeny Pony Twins Rattles and Tattles
Soda Sippin ponies
Bridal Beauty the one with the heart's  accessories)
Fancy Baby Mermaids  Pearly (the pink one)
2 Pretty faced Megan's and the short dress, not the TAF version or the long dress we have those.  Also need her shoes. Any accessories that came with her.  
Molly's shoes any clothes for either of these dolls
Playset ponies Baby Princess sparkle, and her buggy with accessories (should be on the way, need accessories still)
Birthflower need all but July and Jan.  especially August, Dec. and Sept.
Satin n Lace and Coat and tails, or Tux and Tails
Sweet Scoops and her charm
Pretty Mane Ponies, Dabble and Scribbles
Baby sister ponies, Lil Cupcake and Lil Sweetcake
Pearlized baby ponies, all but Glory and Surprise
Birthday Baby Ponies Sugarcake and Gametime
Mommy & Baby, both
Sparkle ponies, all, they have a symbol on their cheek, whereas the store ones don't and some of their colors are different
TAF babies, ALL
BBE Baby Sweetsteps
Many UK ponies and Playsets
Many of the New 98 and beyond Ponies
SOME Paradise Estate accessories -the patio table legs for one side, the awnings that look like the umbrella to the patio table cut in half. all the swinging doors going between rooms, and the little food items and any small kitchen accessories besides the toaster. Need the kitchen table legs, and the stereo. We have the speakers.  I have a yellow coffee pot that came with mine, but I don't know if it belongs or not.
Lavendar Castle (second edition of the OLD MLP playsets)
Nursery Accessories- the thing that goes on the front door to hold the swing, the teddy bear, the blocks, the mobile and the bowl that goes in the little holder thingy attached to the wall.
WaterFall and accessories of course
BB school of dance Accessories- the cards announcing which dance is up next, and the pink plastic bow that goes on top of the school itself.
The yellow shower cap, soap, and sponge that goes with the bath tub, and maybe the towel, not sure.
Many petite houses and ponies (need several Glow petites)
Megan's Place and accessories
The Ice Cream Shoppe
The Weather Vane from the Show Stable (upgrade, mine is broken and reglued)
The green (some say yellow) thing that the ponies jumped over (we have the white things that hold it up, just need the green/yellow plastic stick that they jump over) Came with Home Sweet Home.
The Pretty Parlor with accessories.
The SnowCone maker
The Chalkboards
Radio's and Tape Recorder's
Tape Case
Record Case
Baby Case holds 9 babies, shaped like the nursery (upgrade)
UK case that has the stable scene painted inside
Clocks and watches (many of them!)
Many bags that were MLP oriented
The birthday candles (real ones) that are shaped like little ponies.