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The Family Ponies

Ok, here are our Family Ponies, along with a couple of others who volunteered to share shelves with them!  LOL, on the VERY top shelf you will find NSS Magic Star, a UK pony.  She has a trim to her mane and tail, so she is wearing the very latest in fashion.. a wonderful white hat to cover the hair while it "grows out" and a beautiful pixietail to help hide the short tail!   Beside her is one of the UK ponies with built in rollerskates.. ahem... I apologize, but her name escapes me right now!  Now, for the next shelf.. On the very back left side is Daddy Apple Delight. Standing directly in front of him is his daughter Sister Apple Delight.  Directly in the middle is Brother Apple Delight, and on the right is Mommy Apple Delight.  Moving down to the next shelf is, from left to right, Mommy Sweet Celebrations, Baby Brother Sweet Celebrations, and Daddy Sweet Celebrations.  Down to the next shelf from left to right we have Lil Tot standing in for Daddy Bright Bouquet (WE NEED HIM!) Baby Sister Bright Bouquet, and Mommy Bright Bouquet.  We are not desperately looking for the Baby Sister Sweet Celebrations, nor the Baby Brother Bright Bouquet, since they were UK ponies, but we WOULD like to have them one day.  We REALLY need Daddy Bright Bouquet, because every family needs it's daddy!  Oh, On the Far Right side of the picture is Bow Tie (in the form of a BANK) sneaking into the picture, along with a glow and show.. what IS her name? I will have to look it up!